Thrive Communication

Thrive 2 students follow a “Supported Independence” study programme. This provides them with the skills needed to safely transition into a post education environment with confidence and as much independence as possible.

Students will attend college 4 days per week and will work at a pace to suit their ability. The focus throughout is on encouraging students to engage appropriately and confidently with others as well as continuing to develop their Maths and English skills.  They will be assisted by a dedicated team of teachers, teaching assistants as well as support and care staff including a College Nurse on site 5 days per week.

The study programme curriculum will consist of the following:

  • Maths
  • English
  • Social Skills
  • Creative Expression
  • Safety in Independence

Significant elements of the study programme include

Core literacy and numeracy skills will form part of the college week as well as opportunities to express their individuality through arts and crafts activities. These activities will form the basis of an enterprise model – looking at a simple “make and sell” dynamic which will also increase the range and level of their communication experiences. Students follow a Social Skills programme looking to increase their self-esteem, self-awareness and their ability to communicate their thoughts and feelings to others in an appropriate way.

Students will also focus on increasing their awareness of personal safety through the delivery of sessions around Healthy Relationships, Appropriate Behaviours, Safety in the Home and Road Safety. These sessions aim to increase their confidence in their own decision making as well as reducing their vulnerability when faced with the world beyond college. Regular trips outside of the College will allow students the opportunity to consolidate their learning as well as offering opportunities to access extra-curricular activities.

Parents and the college will work together to develop a support plan that allows each student to progress through their own study programme in preparation for their transition from college into society. This is further supported by the dedicated assistance of our Parent and Community Worker – working with the students and their families to achieve the very best outcomes.