THRIVE @ the Hive

The aim of our THRIVE study programmes are to support students into volunteering roles or a meaningful community destination. The curriculum is designed to assist them with their communication skills, preparing them for adult life where they can participate in activities within their own communities.

Students on the THRIVE study programme will undertake volunteer roles in a variety of settings or participate in community activities. Which route they follow is dependent on their future aspirations and abilities. Students will progress through the programme at a pace to suit their abilities.

The study programme’s curriculum will consist of units which prepare them for adulthood:

  • Independent living skills.
  • Cooking.
  • Gardening.
  • Teamwork and problem solving.
  • Practical maths.
  • Communication.
  • Everyday ICT.

Students also participate in Relationship Sex Education lessons and have the opportunity to discuss social topics in their group tutorial sessions.

“Learners participate in a wide range of curriculum and communication activities. They make considerable progress towards their short-, medium-, and long-term targets. Teachers set consistently demanding goals for learners, which contribute to them exceeding their EHCP outcomes” Ofsted Report (November 2023)

Students will progress through the programme at a pace to suit their abilities.

Students and parents will be supported by the Pastoral Manager, Head of Department and Careers Advisor to explore opportunities that are available to them that suit their interests and needs and improve their independence skills.

“The vast majority of learners have positive destinations, including work,
apprenticeships, and independent living. The college proactively works with other agencies for those who need more time to achieve their outcomes. Managers have put in place extensive after-college support plans and continue to support learners after they leave college.” Ofsted Report (November 2023)