Wear A Hat Day 2021

Thrive students at the college have been working hard over the past two weeks to raise awareness and lots of money for Brain Tumour Research. The Hive College welcomes students with disabilities and different learning needs. As a team, Thrive 3 have been baking delicious cakes to bring into college to sell to staff and students, as well as a variety of cookies, brownies and samosa/pakoras. Official ‘Wear A Hat Day’ wristbands and badges have been on sale too. Each student volunteered their own ideas and have shown great generosity in bringing in their food items to sell.

Students have thoroughly enjoyed proudly displaying their tasty trolley full of treats to all at college and have been confidently communicating with their customers, always with a smile!

On Friday 26th March, ‘Wear a Hat Day’, all students and many staff members have donned their silliest/biggest/funniest hats or headwear to wear around college. We have seen the likes of Minnie Mouse, big summer hats, even bigger winter hats, cool caps, party hats, and even Mario & Luigi! Walking past Mario in the corridor has certainly brightened up our day at college!

The grand total raised by our amazing students is…….


This tremendous amount of money will be gratefully received by the Brain Tumour Research charity, who do incredible work with their network of experts, and to help fund crucial discovery research and support vital campaigning.

A big THANK YOU and WELL DONE to Thrive 3 and to ALL of the kind and generous staff and students at The Hive College who helped to fundraise for this brilliant charity.

@braintumourrsch #WearAHatDay

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