The Hive College Coronavirus Update 18th March

There have so far been no cases of coronavirus infection of any staff or students in the college. The Government announced last night it will be giving advice to vulnerable people in the next few days. This advice will probably have significant impact on any decision regarding the temporary closure of schools and colleges.

With increasing numbers of students being absent and many of our staff being absent due to childcare issues or precautionary advice, we are taking measures to try to continue as normal as much as possible. Increasing absence rates could be another reason we have to consider the closure of our college. In these circumstances, it may be a decision we are forced to make at short notice. I would advise you to consider what you will do in these circumstances.

We are continuing with our hand-washing, cleaning and all the measures as specified by the health authorities. We have been informed by nurses that students with a dry cough and/or temperature in college must go home and will need to be collected by parents.

We are looking at ways we will be able to keep in touch with students who are off college and will be aiming to keep in touch with students and families on a regular basis. We have also started preparing work to be completed at home, if all of this becomes necessary.

I understand this is a very difficult and worrying time for everyone. If you wish to discuss anything regarding the current situation, please contact the college on 0121 306 4800.

Yours faithfully

Kim Everton – College Principal

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