Social distancing

Students will be reminded of social distancing and reminded throughout day. Posters in the classroom and around college to show social distancing. A system will be implemented to minimise any crossover including corridor passing areas. Stickers on floor to mark out 2m distance. Class sizes to be a maximum of 5 and 2 classrooms in use to start with.


Student’s temperatures will be taken upon arrival at college. Students to use hand sanitiser on arrival and hands to be washed upon entering the classroom. Hand washing/hand sanitiser to be used before break, lunch and at the end of the day. Each class to be allocated a bathroom.

Individual needs

Each child will have been RAG rated for bathroom, eating and drinking, manual handling and medical needs. Individual risk assessments will be in place for students and the adults working with them. This includes the use of PPE.


If a child becomes unwell at college, clear steps to be followed as outlined in separate document. A nurse will be on site.

What can students bring in

Apart from essential medical and educational items, one disposable plastic bag to hold their lunch/snacks.

What can students wear

Students can wear their own clothes must be freshly clean every day.