To ensure all students are as safe as possible whilst not on the premises

The SOC team will make weekly checks to the parents and ask if any extra help is required at home, if their child has enough educational resources and how generally the family are keeping. The SOC team will continue to work at home and be in regular contact with the college Vice Principal. CPOMs will continue to be the main source of logging information

To ensure CPOMS issues are followed up and dealt with effectively

All staff will record any issues and incidents on CPOMS. The DSL and Deputy will discuss these issues and direct to the appropriate person involved

To understand the risks surrounding each of the students

All students will have been risk assessed and rag rated to ensure that their medical vulnerabilities have been considered. The students who have been green rag rated and are transitioning out of the college in July 2020 will be offered a place in college starting on June 15th in the first instance. The students who have a red rated will be reassessed following discussions with the college nurse and other medical professionals

To ensure attendance at college is maintained and that if students do not attend their absence will be followed up

The DSL will complete safe and well checks for those students who have said they are returning but who are absent from college to ensure we know where all the students are.

The students are safe on the premises and all practicably risks have been assessed

A stringent Risk Assessment will be in place assessing as many risks as possible in the college building whilst opening after Covid 19. The assessment will include, the arrival of students, how the day is structured, cleaning schedules and staffing arrangements.