Classroom bases

Groups of students will be allocated to a classroom in college that have rear access to enable access and egress without crossover. They will stay in these classrooms all day including break and lunch times. Each base will have its own bathroom facilities to use. Outside space will be used as much as possible bearing in mind social distancing.


Lunch times will be staggered across groups to ensure staff have sufficient breaks and allocated staff to cover break and lunch times. Students to bring all food and drinks required for the day from home in a small bag.


The college kitchen will not be operating during the summer term.

Length of day

The length of the college day will be shortened and staggered start and end times will be in place to avoid pinch points.

Admin staff

There will be no admin staff on site.

IT staff

1 member of the IT team will be on-site to provide support each day. Other IT staff will continue to support those working remotely.