LIVE Prospectus

The LIVE study programme has been developed to provide expert academic and vocational tuition along with advice, guidance and the support necessary to facilitate the transition into employment and increase independent living skills.

The programme is broken down into three phases to enable flexibility of movement within the study programme to suit the individual needs of the students.

Phase 1

Will include vocational tasters of work placements is a variety of work settings or specific settings depending on the student’s individual career aspirations.

Students will carry out work placement activities one day per week where they will be supported by a work placement supervisor.

Students will attend college four days a week, one of those days being work placement day.  They will study Work Skills, Vocational Skills, English, maths and ICT.  Students will also participate in extended curriculum activities to develop their personal, social and independent skills.

Phase 2

Will focus on the students chosen vocational area and will include work placement over two days per week.  Support will be provided by a work placement supervisor but more emphasis will be placed on working more independently, where possible.

Students will also attend college two days per week and will continue to study Work Skills, English, Maths and ICT as they progress through the study programme.

Phase 3

Will focus on the transition from work placement to on-the-job training and education.  Supported Internships are designed to assist students who are ready to move into employment but need extra support to do so.  They enable students to demonstrate their value in the workplace and develop confidence in their own abilities to perform successfully at work.

A Job Coach is allocated to each student on a supported internship to enable them to develop and maintain their internship and make a positive progression on to paid employment.  Once in employment, the job coach will continue to make contact with the student and the employer to ensure students remain in employment.

Throughout the phases the focus is on employment and independent living.