The partnership between Wilson Stuart Academy and University College Birmingham are opening a new development in September 2016 for young people between 19 and 25 years old with PMLD.

The vision for the Students within Strive:

Strive: to be independent

Strive: to be part of our community

Strive: to communicate our desires/ needs

Strive: to be as mobile as possible

Strive: to transfer into our community

Strive: to achieve our individual goals.

The focus to reach this vision will include:

* A community inclusion programme individualised to the pupil and their community.

* Continuation of a Self Help/ Physical Curriculum enabling a wider opportunity in the community.

* Smooth transition into their wider community.

* Strong links with feeder schools.

* And the potential of a Cottage industry.

The programme of study focuses on the outcome of the young person’s integration into their local community, through visits to places of interest, taking part in community initiatives and charity events, building a support network to aid a smooth transition at the end of their placement within STRIVE.

The first part of the course will focus on settling within the community of STRIVE, exploring further into the community as the students interests evolve and networks develop.

The course is for 4 days a week, the curriculum will be delivered via either the pre formal or semi-formal curriculum to ensure individualised learning takes place, students will be fully engaged and challenged through a wide range of multi-sensory activities. An accredited qualification will also be studied in Personal Progress.

The timetable will include:

* Communication

* Cognition

* physical: both functional physical and swimming

* personal care and independence

* creative, sensory and exploring the world around us.

As well as a teacher and teaching assistants, the team will be supported by personal care staff and a nurse dedicated to STRIVE.