Contingency Planning for staff shortages:

Dear Parents/Carers,

REF: COVID – Staff absences

Happy New Year. I hope you and your families are well and managed to enjoy the Christmas break. You will have seen information on the national media regarding the COVID pandemic in the UK at present and the need for organisations to plan contingency measures for staff shortages.

The Hive College will operate a RAG (Red, Amber, Green) rated contingency measure to ensuring the education service continues for your child. We already know the impact of the pandemic on education and do not want to dilute the quality. However, the school can only operate safely when staffing levels are at set thresholds.

1) Contingency Planning for staff shortages:

Normal operating procedures in college. Timetables remain as published. College day is unaffected. Normal running of college.

Staffing levels require ALL college classes to move to ‘FIXED BASED TEACHING’. This means the class will remain with the same teacher, in the same class for the day. Work is set and planned by teachers.

Staffing levels have dropped below safe standards, some classes will need to work remotely from home and from college and some lessons through Zoom. Work and activities are set and distributed to students.

Operating staffing levels are drastically effected and school will need to temporarily close.

We will not always be in a position to communicate changes immediately as we may only have had that information ourselves at late notice. We will endeavour to communicate any major changes or changes that last for any prolonged period with you through email or our web site.

The Department for Education has announced that College students in England have to wear face masks in classrooms. To help ensure we continue to provide the education in a normal operating state, we ask that students (who are not exempt) wear face masks / coverings, where possible. We will ensure students can take off masks at appropriate points.

Thank you for your support

Kim Everton


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